Enviroments and light

Light - Colour and emotion

The environmental microclimate is determinated by many factors such as temperature, air velocity,

 its moisture, its cleaning degree, perfumes, smells, vibrations and noises but first of all by  site rencontre ado lyon rencontre en ligne senegal rencontrer o'malley http://www.federalbakeshop.com/limited/1777 site de rencontre en ligne 2013 http://www.fajardopr.org/web/misak/43 browse around here http://www.pavegreen.org/vioper/339 resource light, which with its intensity, hue and diffusion, influences our body and our psyche.

By checking all these microclimate features, we can obtain the best well-being conditions, improving all our activities, in terms of quality and quantity. 

Therefore each room should be well-lighted especially when they are destinated to specified activities and, a good lighting design perfectly solves the task of providing the best light, indicating the minimum light required. Sometimes in the same place there are different activities and that’s why you need dynamic applications with different levels of lighting for each task.

This is  the concept of Well-being Lighting: to get a perfect functional enviroment for any activity, creating the appropriate light to make us feel in harmony with nature, biological clock and go through with all our daily activities in the best way.