Well-being light

A Wellness Lighting System varying in intensity and hues are very useful in hotellerie: we can create a perfect atmosphere for each rooms, in order to make guests feel comfortable and welcoming, arousing wellness and pleausure feelings.

Customized lighting fixtures are very important as an instrument to communicate the characterstics of every building.

Website The reception is the location in which the hotel gives the first impression to the guests. Therefore a perfect light can describe its atmosphere.

strattera online no prescription The lounge bar uses dynamic lights that change depending on the theme of the special night, activities during the day and other functions. The light has different styles for different furniture.

my link Waiting and Reading rooms require localized courtesy lights and a dynamic one for different activities at any time during the day.

visit Dining rooms and meeting rooms must have a lighting system which can satisfy any activities . Services. Lifts, stairs and passage ways must be constantly lighted up: during the day with bright lights, during the night with something soft. It is important to use different type of lighting in these locations because it can make you have a significant savings in energy consumption.

look what i found Bathrooms , cloakrooms and kitchens require a bright and neutral light. That’s why using broad-spectrum lamps contributes to great results: using LED of different colors from 3,000 to 5,000 K we get a neutral light color at broad emission spectrum. The management of light parameters creates the proper atmosphere for different activities. Living rooms needs dynamic light more than anything else: people spend there more time than in other locations, for this reason lighting care is very important.

Resources Bedrooms. A wellbeing lighting system is essential to relax, soft and warm lights to help to fall asleep and wake you up. Spas, pools, Beauty Centres etc. . In these locations light has an important rule, not just for beauty but first of all for wellness. A wellbeing lighting system is perfect to make everyone feel better: with the warm white - cool white and RGB lighting mixed together allows you to reach the best condition to relax and rest.