Good lighting creates safety and efficiency

In the industrial area it is important not only saving on fuel consumption and maintenance, but much more. It has been proved that the companies which have developed a proper use of lighting system, get higher efficiency, increasing production and reducing errors and accidents. Moreover people who work there get more satisfaction and results from their job and with a favorable enviromental conditions they become more faithful to the company.

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The offices require dynamic light regulated by appropriate programs of the curve of intensity and hue. This allows you to get great benefits as follows:

1 ) Increased activity, from  +8 to +11%

2 ) Increased attention, with fewer human errors from -10 to -25 % .

3 ) Increased safety, with less risk of workplace accidents up to -50 % .

4 ) Improved quality of life: the right light makes people more careful and manage critical situations so that they are prepared to accept and to better react to the unexpected.

5 ) Increased self-realization: best results give us positive confirmations .

6 ) Increased self-confidence, feeling good to be the right person at the right place.

7 ) Reducion of stress from work, increasing the ability to manage tiredness.

8) Preparation to rest : the signals sent from the light at the end of the cycle indicate that it is time to relax and re-energize with a fun time socializing and preparing phases to rest and sleep.

9) loyalty to the environment because people feel better.


 A proper lighting, synchronized with the working hours and with the activities, helps to bring out new ideas during brainstorming, improves attention at work, creates a welcoming atmosphere during visits of clients or business meeting.


Archives, services and stairs

Archives, for example, are areas where it is necessary to have a diffuse light distribution, both vertically and horizontally, and to reduce eventual oversights and risks of accidents.

Production, electrical, mechanic workshops and other laboratories with specific equipment

These sites require dynamic light for every specific situations and here, more than other places, it is important the safety: a proper lighting system can reduce the risks and increase the focus of the employees.