Light up domestic harmony

In residential enviroment is very useful to have lamps varying in intensity and hues, in order to create better visibility conditions at every time of the day.

For instance, in parts of the house where quick activities occur, such as bathroom or hallway, you need to see clearly and immediately what you are doing. Therefore a bright and natural light is recommended with a colour vision as accurate as possibile: you can get the best result by using broad-spectrum lamps.

These characteristics are obtained by using LEDs of different colors. From 3,000 to 5,000 K we get a neutral color light and the broad emission spectrum shows faithfully all the features of color. The dimmer lets  you have a light intensity adequated to the task. Places (as the living-room) where various completely different activities take place, need dynamic light more than anything else.


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The hall is the first place where people receive friends, relatives, whoever comes to see you. For this reason a suitable light helps  people to create the right atmosphere for different situations and modify it depending on day or night.

 The Bathroom

This room of the house requires many different tonalitities: at night, light with low intensity is perfect to not completely wake people up; in the evening you need medium intensity warm hue light to not contrast the sensations our body feels when we are relaxing before sleeping; instead, during the day, it is better to use a proper intensity with a broad spectrum, from scattered light to a spot one.

The wardrobe

It is an important space of the house where a dynamic and broad spectrum bright light is needed to have completed and clear vision of all your stuff at every time of the day. Its intensity will change depending on the time you use it.

The kitchen

Cooking is one of the house activities in which light has an important rule: it requires different lighting intensities at any time of the day. With the right lighting system, we can cook in the best way, be able to assess the food, what and how we are preparing, creating a proper atmosphere. Both scattered and spot lights are suitable. 

The living room

The most diverse activities take place in this part of the house. It is here where people can have benefits from a  suitable light, scattered or spot. In the living room you should create the best atmosphere for every moment: chatting with friends requires different light from watching television, relaxing, reading or studying, etc. With its innovative design, your lighting system does become an essential and original part of the furniture.

The bedrooms

It is important to have dynamic and functional lighting: you need a bright and neutral light to clean and tidy the room up, a very soft light ("soft start - soft stop") at night use with low levels of brightness, starting warmer when you are about to fall asleep and cooler when you are sleeping. For who wants to have fully comfort, a set up lamp is perfect: in the evening light starts with hue and brightness, going darker intensity until the completely turning off (like the sunset), it switches on in the morning with gentle and gradual tones to wake you up (as the sunrise).