High Definition Light


Goodlight is pleased to introduce the first panel HDHCL (High Definition Human Centric Light), with

the definition of 5 + 5 channels of light emitted by LEDs of different colors, increasing the range of flat products.

The first luminaire flat version 595 x 595 mm contains the drivers for each light channel managed by an RS485 serial communication. Other controls for applications IoT (Internet of things) will be exhibited soon.

A area board manages the dynamic HDHCL lighting, activates scenarios and specific applications for any environment required. The device is now provided with controls on a color touch screen dispaly in a standard dimensions box for the wall for traditional switches (box 503).

The main feature of this type of lighting is the ability to generate the illumination with high levels of resolution both in color and in the intensity of light. The rooms lit by this innovative light show the most advanced technology now available for different purposes depending on the applications and activities that are performed within the environment. In industrial applications, hospitals, banks, representative offices, and homes it is useful to set a program that supports man in his activities, in compliance with the rules for each type of activity:

  • A preliminary analysis of the characterization of the activities, highlights the features the interior lighting must have in accordance with the law in terms of minimum lighting flow, the reduction of glare and reflections and other important characteristics for the quality of people’s life.
  • It synchronizes the curves of color and intensity depending on the time to maximize the induced attention and reduce fatigue. It increases the level of people’s attention with benefits for businesses (increase production, decrease the non-compliance of the process due to human error), reduces fatigue derived from the assets. It increases the safety of the environment because the risk of accidents is reduced.
  • The lighting system HDHCL (High Definition Human centric light) reinforces the natural circadian cycles by synchronizing people’s activities and attention, by increasing the quality of people's lives by improving mood, concentration, relaxation and rest.

The whole 24 hours can be properly managed. The environment will be perceived as more "natural" warm, colorful, cozy, relaxing in winter, cool, intimate and exclusive in the summer, sparkling and dynamic in the other seasons, always pleasant and natural.