IoT Smart Lighting

The lighting market is rapidly evolving and many key technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, Enocean and others compete to dominate the wireless industry and applications in the lighting market.

The software manages the different technologies into a single easy to use interface. Faster and broader adoption, user interfaces are available through Smartphones and Tablets.

Intelligent lighting becomes a powerful element of the industry's development.  The Lighting Designers and industry professionals design the best  user experiences by incorporating the capability to easily  manage  emotional and ambience contents in a flexible, customizable, interactive and intelligent way. The lighting interact with in the surrounding world.

The IoT infrastructure replaces that hardware domain that was once required in the old system for controls and provides the freedom, flexibility and creative capacity never imaginable before, with simplicity and directness.

Merging this with low consumption and high efficiency LED technology creates the right environment for the realization of very innovative lighting solutions for our future.

The system X-LAMP is a real IoT  Smart Lighting element to make all this possible.