Custom Light Profiles

Aesthetic and architectural needs, require lighting profile systems, simply shaped, affecting constant, consistent, flawless lighting also in linear and angular coupling of profiles in irregular lengths.

They can be applied indoor, outdoor and in swimming pools. They can be applied with recessed housing to facilitate maintenance operations. Fixing can be magnetic and / or interlocking depending on the applications.

You can apply all kinds of illumination and integrate aesthetic requirements with  functional ones. Different types of LEDs are used to apply a dynamic program that makes double use of lighting.

The system allows to develop a project in modular blocks to be coupled in the construction site, provided with user’s and maintenance manual.

The materials to be used are defined during design to adapt the article to the environment.


partnersuche esslingen why not try here Recommended Reading see this page opcje binarne fakty i mity rencontres gratuite belgique resource sie sucht ihn kempen dating uk app Technical features:

Maximum size profile: any aluminum and steel profiles for specific solutions are projected if a minimum production volume; standard profiles are 10 x 10 mm - 15x15 mm 20 x 20 mm - 20 x 50 mm - 25 x 25 mm 30 x 30 mm - 50 x 20 mm.

Lengths of profiles: They are customizable up to 6 metres max.

Application: Flatbed, recessed flush with the floor, recessed flush with the wall baseboards type, recessed flush with the outside or inside edges of doors/windows, with swimming pools walls or bottom, with the ceilings, with the edges or floors of sidewalks, streets, roadsides, balustrades, balconies and handrails, signs of escape routes, tunnels, subways, stations, dynamically controlled tracked routes suitable to show people the way in exhibitions, hospitals, museums.

Type of light: one white or colored channel; two channels; three-channel RGB color; 5-channel color, warm white and cool white +RGB.

Optics: opal Large beam, prismatic, lens, customized.

Power: 90-240 V.a.c.

Maximum power at maximum output: up to 120 w m / sqm.

Engine led:

1. All types of strip led

2. Leds bars with white leds from 2,700 to 6,000 K.

3. Leds bars with warm white LEDs from 2700 K and cool white LEDs from 4,700 K.

4. Leds bars with warm white LEDs from 2,700 K and cool white LEDs from 4,500 K and RGB LEDs.


1. Traditional:

1.1. Direct control from the network.

1.2. Interface buttons.

1.3. Digital interface with color LCD and touch screen control for embedding box 503.

2. Remote:

2.1. Access port with RS485.

2.2. Wireless controls:

2.2.1. Radio remote control

2.2.2. wi-fi Interface

2.2.3. blue thooth Interface

2.2.4. ZigBee interface