Led lighting company logo

led lighting company logo

Goodlight gives value to the company brand and logo with custom backlight for indoor and outdoor.

The lighting is visible both by day and night, in the best comfort, by adjusting its intensity directly dependent on the environment light. A photocell measures the average environment brightness, the controller maintains the brightness of the panel larger than the environment one ensuring a constant contrast. This device allows an optimized view of the properly back lighted brand in any environment lighting conditions. At night or in Winter, natural light requires a faint and pleasant vision of the brand, on the other hand in the middle of the day and in Summer, the panel emits a very bright light which let you have the same pleasant view of the brand.

The construction is made of painted steel with the company colors, with laser cut and back lighted logo letters with backlit PMMA technique. The shapes and positioning of the LEDs are drawn on each letter and/or pictogram. The maximum limits reached by a letter are 2 mt x 2 mt. Protections can be made in IP68 sealing.

The management includes the use of clock module for programming on / off phases, as well as displaying with dynamic colors. Appropriate programs also allow a dynamic management that differentiates labour days from holidays or when the activity is on or off.

The same technology applied on paired layers allows to make logos and brands in several forms  with different colours of light making all the chromatic light emission required by the company logo. It also let you make interactive dynamic panels to communicate to the public for instance on  cars parks, road signs, airports, tunnels,  properly handled by set programs