Sunlight Wall

The lack of sun for prolonged periods, causes despair, melancholy and sadness; worse still if the ceiling is low.

A basement with no windows and natural light has been turned into a room to live and share with friends and family. The solution consists of a luminous panel of considerable dimensions (three meters by one, but could be extended to the entire surface of the masonry), applied to the darkened wall.

the panel is enhanced by a photograph, in this case a landscape, like a window on the sea which illuminates the room.

The excellent print quality in esacronia with ceramic colors of tempered extra-clear glass, makes possible the idea of ​​a window to the sea, makes the picture alive, shining with natural shine.

The high definition of the quality of light produced and dynamically controlled by a program that emulates the movement of the sun, makes explicit the origin of the sun. Automatic power-up gives the correct level of intensity and color for each hour of the day. All 24 hours are managed with reference to the position of the sun referred to the latitude of the environment.

The automatic program is accompanied by customized programs or operated manually during special events and whose lighting function for this schedule would not be appropriate, for example a holiday or a special evening.

The generation of light made with 10 channels at different wavelengths faithfully expresses the quality of natural lighting. The two opposing positions of light produced in a differential manner, make the position of the sun more natural and clear and its movement over time. From the horizon of dusk, at daybreak, before moving to the central peak until sunset, covering all hours of the day. During the night the 'intensity of light is minimal, when the panel is on and still good enough to see us without disturbing the rest.

Thanks to the large surface emission, the applied luminance is very low and this allows you to look directly at the also very closely panel without having any hassle of contrast and / or glare, it's just like watching through a window.

A sophisticated control plan to store a considerable amount of functional programs based on operational needs of the room, and the complete and equipment manual handling.

Technical features:

Maximum size: 2,000 x 3,000 mm.

Ceiling Type: Flatbed, adequate support structure weight.

Thickness of the lighting body: from 20 to 50 mm in function of the support structures. It can be recessed into the wall or plasterboard.

Type of light: RGB + warm white color management (2,700 k) and cool white (4700 K).

Power: 90-240 V.a.c.

Engine LED:

• Led bars with LED warm white 2,600 K and cool white LEDs to 4,500 K.

• Led bars with LED warm white 2,600 K and 4,500 K cool white LEDs, together with RGB LEDs.


• Standard: is provided an interface to 6 buttons.

• Optional: color display with touch screen built 503 box

• Remote: there is a gateway with RS485 serial.