Floor lamp Asset

Asset - well-being light a personal kit

ASSET is the new floor lamp created by Goodlight.  It can be used for every type of rooms but it is much more then a simple lamp: ASSET is a Wellbeing Lighting System. Designed by Andrea Petraccaro, it is the result of several  studies of the effects that light has on people.


There are two versions: Asset Living for home applications and Asset Office for industrial and commercial uses. The system allows you to use pre-packaged programs for the most common home  and office activities and moreover you can set manually your own program suited to your needs.


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  • Watching TV: light suitable to reduce eye strain
  • Reading: combination of different types of white light, designed to support the view
  • Relax: lighting designed to relax the body and mind
  • Happy hour: mix of lights designed to receive friends, being in the company, in a cheerful and informal way. This is the only dynamic program.


Asset office: presents 4 separate programs that modulate light intensity and color to stimulate the right energy for typical situations:

  • Computer work: light suitable for encouraging the concentration, reduce tiredness
  • Meeting: perfect light to increase the attention and listening
  • Welcoming customers: suitable light to help the clients to relax, prepare themselves for a constructive exchanges
  • Reading / studying documents: light to keep the level of concentration, supporting the view, studying documents


Moreover the lamp presents a blue light too, that gives elegance to all the system, in addition to be a courtesy light for the night.

Beyond a particular, innovative design, Asset  presents a simple keypad on board of the barrel , easy and quick to use.

Technical features:

Height: 1.850 mm

Light dimensions: 200 x 400 mm

Perpendicular adjustment: 3 adjustable holders make it easy to place the lamp.

Thickness on the top of the lamp: from 20 mm.

Light type: RGB + hot-white (2600 k°) and cool-white (4.500 K°) LEDS

Supply : 90 – 240 V.a.c.

Maximum power: 80W (16 w for hot-white, 16 W for cool-white and 48W RGB).

Engine leds:

1)      Bars with warm white 2.600 K°, and cool white 4.500 K ° LEDS

2)      RGB led card.

Key control:

5 buttons placed in the middle of the barrel.


ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload Folder       ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload info Petraccaro          ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload User's Manual

ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload Asset Office   ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload Asset Living

ESE_Asset folder.pdfDownload Label PAF1A1

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