X-LAMP Lighting Module

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X -LAMP is an innovative LED module designed with characteristics of the highest level to be used in a flexible manner in the same way as an element for Vision Lighting, Atmosphere and Scenography/Backdrop.  It is surpassing the current market offer limits for modularity, quality of white lighting and integration with color lighting, efficiency and illuminating performances as well as for the control and management capability and integration with already existing installations and lighting elements.
X -LAMP provides a one of a kind illumination capability with the highest quality and possibility of customization and flexibility. This makes it a lighting element for ambient lighting applications as well as for set-backdrop design creations that overcomes the problems existing to date in architectural design and system technology providing interconnection, intelligence and integration with the external environment functions that are unique and innovative.
It is highly modular , fully controllable via Ethernet and WI-FI and able to be integrated as an interactive and intelligent element  in a IoT  ( Internet of Things ) network of objects and device to realize totally customized , flexible , interactive and integrated solutions.
It can then be used to create individual lighting objects of various shapes as highly personalized compositions as well as " Custom"  performing and articulated projects for traditional Lighting , Atmosphere and Set-Backdrop Scenography  design for infrastructures and residential buildings. Installations have been implemented  with diffusion materials like Makrolon and  Barrisol (registered trademarks)  to provide either complete  " Blend "  or ”Point Source” diffusion or the mix between the two. Optical lens surface can be overlaid for special effects.

como conocer hombres en buenos aires X - LAMP is a modular element 274x274 mm in matrix format with 64 lighting cells (8x8) and each cell containing 5 LEDs corresponding to Warm White / Cool White / R / G / B for a total of 320 LEDs per module. Each LED is addressable and controllable individually and independently by “Art-Net“ protocol format that also includes the transmission of classical DMX controls. Thanks to the Wi-Fi communication (optional), it makes the module(s) controllable and manageable from wireless devices such as Tablet and Smartphones as well as PCs. 

rencontres ouistreham A dedicated processor on board each module manages the data exchange with the module. Each module is a "universe” accessible via Ethernet and Wi-Fi depending from the use you need. Each network you create can contain 255 universes / modules and multiple networks can be contained in a domain following the open and flexible architecture of the computer communication networks.

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rencontre etrangere gratuit The quality and power of the supplied lighting is maintained at levels of absolute quality and importance with linear blending of Hot / Cold white light temperature and full control of RGB color. The high refresh time of the matrix 150Hz allows eliminating any possible flickering effect and refresh controlled by each dedicated module processor.

http://www.gramus.si/ralf/3045 The luminous efficiency for each 274x274 mm module is able to provide  just for the part of a White LEDs a performance which reaches up to 4800 lm efficiency and a total efficiency of RGB junctions of more than 2500 mcd. All LEDs can be switched on simultaneously with thermal equilibrium at the maximum power, which does not require forced ventilation in normal use.


So even a single composition of 4 modules to a size of nearly 548x548 mm can therefore give a maximum of almost 20,000 lm efficiency in white and 10,000 mcl in color .

The processor on board each module allows you to control and monitor each X-LAMP module or group of modules in a completely customizable way both in animation designs and static designs of artistic or communicational style.

X -LAMP is thus presented as a lighting element module that allows the implementation of the following functions and controls:

1. Switching on and off 

2. Dimming total and for each single color component and white

3. Control White Hot - Cold temperature over the entire range in a linear way

4. Setting RGB Color

5. Animations and Static lighting Set-ups.

6. Transfer of data for each single LED junction also from images and files or manual programming in real time from screen-touch device.

The X -LAMP module can be completed as an option with the supply of the IoT TBAND control software platform which provides the ability to control the  X -LAMP module(s) in all their characteristics and to provide a management interface and control both from user and administrator .

The set of one or more X -LAMP modules together with the TBAND control software platform IoT provides the availability of a true , powerful kind of IoT lighting module .

All this gives you the capability to implement very complex and sophisticated projects with both wireless and wireline connectivity and distributed controls in a very easy and extremely quick way without the needs of cumbersome central console or complex computer set-up

The TBAND IoT software platform is delivered as a HUB for coordination and control on different hardware platforms from Raspeberry board to full powerful PC . They are then provided graphic applications for Users and Administrator on Android device such as tablets and smartphones and/or Linux/Windows PCs that communicate with the X -LAMP wireless via Wi - Fi modules or wireline via Ethernet cable.

The Tband IoT platform also allows you to integrate the X -LAMP module with other devices in ZigBee wireless technology to achieve wireless implementations and functions including switches, dimmers, motion detectors, open / close detectors, power plugs, light sensors, alarm devices and much more. A complete flexibility and totally of control elements and fully programmable in real time to implement automation , management , control and communication in an extremely easy and immediate way without any need of cabling of physical set up modifications.


  http://gsc-research.de/blog/post/2009/02/18/advanced-mit-ad-hoc-meldung-via-euro-am-sonntag/ Download X-Lamp Lighting Module Brochure

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