IoT Application

see this here A lighting system with absolute modularity and flexibility of use at the same time for comfort  lighting functions in daily life and for ambience / scenic / entertainment lighting functions. 

over at this website Each  luminaire element of the system uses integrated white and color light sources with powerful functions of control and automation  and fully controlled via wireless devices. The system consists of a series of luminaire elemnts  in LED technology and containing within them a sophisticated communication and control electronics which makes each luminaire a Smart Element (IoT Element) of a modular system that can also control other sources of existing and traditional lighting via  external regulators integrated by the system itself. This allows a complete integration with what already exists. The various elements of the lighting system as well as the system as a whole is controlled and operated by wireless wall  or desk-top switches and controls as well as from mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets. This avoids having complex and expensive wiring and cabling systems and allows full flexibility to reconfigure and/or adding other elements and controls at a finger snap. Internally, the system has a sophisticated and powerful technology IoT of communication and processing that makes it a real Smart System can realize functions not available today in a  traditional lighting system and which could provide a basis for the future of both Smart  residential and business infrastructure.

LED lighting is intrinsically linked to the important and consolidated energy saving process.

The combination and integration within the luminaire of  a powerful and flexible  IoT wireless platform , provides the capability to control external devices for complete and dynamic  management of energy consumption, such as: temperature and humidity meters/smart sockets/switches/brightness detectors/controls for lighting fixtures,appliances,air-conditioning and heating systems/sensors and controls of presence and movement/camcorders/access  and door controls.

All this makes the product a perfect and flexible control node and energy savings that can evolve quickly and powerfully to meet growing future needs in maximum comfort, ease and simplicity.

X-Lamp see this page a Personal, Flexible, Interactive and  Intelligent Light System Personal :  

the light as you want and for your living dimension. Shapes, colors, intensity of character and feeling of harmonious style with personality. Llike a tailored suit  is made for personal needs and of their life cycle.

dating krs parcel tracking Flexible:

to illuminate in daily life and in particular need, to do all with one single object. To create sets and ambiences for all your needs. To entertain and dress the space around you  up your emotions and your events.

site de rencontre russe 100 gratuit Interactive:

to communicate with you instantly and become your ' light ' Butler via your Smartphone and Tablet.

binäre optionen handel ab 5 euro Simply clever:

to eliminate complex plants and manage all without wires. To help you in your everyday actions «speaking» intelligently with the surrounding world. To serve simply in an "automatic"  way your needs. To save you energy. To create wealth and security around you.