Wellbeing by light

To see clearly, to feel good

http://www.cablackhealthnetwork.org/biopo/10821 The vision of things is primarily a subjective reading of what eyes reveal processed by the brain as an interpretation of the view.

see It is a measure of the electromagnetic radiation producing light, measured  by the eyes.

site here The light emitted in different wavelengths, hits the objects on its way, and they absorb some try this web-site wavelengths and reflect other ones.

more info here As white light contains all the visible wavelengths, the eye detects only the part of them reflected by objects and not the part absorbed.  

app para conocer personas nuevas Light can affect mood, lead to optimism, induce pleasant attitudes, give positive emotions.

http://biblioteka-chrzastowice.pl/marysja/1767 The alternation of light and dark determines daily cycles which makes the body to prepare for the activities and to rest allowing the psychophysical system to limit the stress improving life conditions. The days, as well as seasons,  are characterized by a perfect balance of energies available for the expected activities and those actually used.

http://lokoli.com/?rtyt=rencontrer-un-americain-riche&44a=44 The light facilitates creativity and art, the concentration, stimulates studying and improves self esteem.

see this That’s why a proper artificial reproduction of natural lighting helps to manage the intense activity and the rest , focusing on attention and the ability to contrast stress.