Dynamic light, natural light reproduction indoors

Dynamic light is the best reproduction of natural light indoors.

The natural light is characterized by the variations of intensity and shades during the day as well as in relation to seasonal and weather conditions. In indoor areas,  dynamic light recreates the conditions of natural light in a completely automatic way according to specific programs or semi-automatically according to application needs.

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Dynamic LED light is produced by different light sources in different coloring which are managed in intensity and color over time.

The reasons of this need are various, from insufficient availability of natural light indoors up  to compensate  adverse weather conditions or critical seasonal periods or little sunny geographical locations. A profile of illumination during the day should be generated to reproduce natural features of light suitable to the activities in progress with a quality of the emission spectrum of the light "natural" as large as possible. Relationships between the intensity at different wavelengths must be the same both in natural light and in reproduced artificial light.

Other reasons are of therapy (phototherapy) or aesthetic type, to decorate with light inner areas with special effects such as to astonish or excite.

Goodlight has developed since the first projects, an interior lighting both for  workplace and domestic use with different types of LEDs, electronically managing  an intelligent and dynamic way the intensity and color of light.

All product lines use different technologies that have been developed to integrate sources with different characteristics, in order to reproduce artificially and effectively the natural light.

Goodlight systems are equipped with circuits LED managed in two, three and five channels.

The more performant system to reproduce natural light is based on 5 channels of LEDs of different color, two of which emit white light and three channels emit red, green and blue light (RGB).

The best compromise between dynamic performance and costs, uses the two-channel system of white (hot and cold) and their mixing,  good enough to manage and lead to a pleasant visual comfort and reinforcement of circadian cycles; but the best results are obtained with 5 channels.

Some colorings like sunset and sunrise can not be achieved by white LEDs in two channels: the white light produced by the mixing of the two LED sources without reinforcement on the warm tones such as red, can not evoke the same emotions you naturally feel which is possible if  using the five channels. For example, the coloring of the skin illuminated by a light dynamic 5 channels, being more faithful to natural light, transmits accurate information on the natural beauty of the skin and its health status as if looked in the sunlight.

Scenic and architectural applications require a more complex dynamic light, just think of a backlit giant poster which wants to express from right to left of 6, 12 or 24 hours of the day. This application needs to control 5 channels for each hour of the area on the time slot and that dynamically varies giving the sense of rotation of the earth and continuously changing light in the day.

The research activities of Goodlight are interested in increasing the number of channels to improve the fidelity of the effects of natural light.