Safety with light

tastylia australia The light also affects certain hormones for example the melatonin which is the hormone regulating wakefulness and sleeping , and cortisol which regulates stress. With the light , influencing these two hormones , we can increase the attention and people’s  activities, as well as regulate sleep. We maintain the utmost attention for a long time, synchronizing work and free time activities. You can get your body to have a regular , rhythmic diurnal activity alternating with relaxing evening one and night rest. The synchronization of the frequency and phase of the circadian cycles allows us to activate an automatic mechanism that brings people to get the maximum satisfaction from direct activities and to enjoy the rest and relax with minimum effort . This makes people fully aware of their abilities and results, obtained thanks to the increase of attention during their activities as well as the awareness of an improving efficiency. 

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follow url The same attention on lighting are used to improve life's quality for other environments , for example home, hospitals and nursing home. The benefits in these environments are related to a greater activity and attention that people aim to get during the day and resting more and better at night.