Wellbeing from led for circadian cycle

Well-being light

good guys on dating sites Well-being is the feeling of health and happyness. It is a dynamic equilibrium, which depends on many interactions between being and everything that surrounds it.

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humour rencontre homme femme We take care to induce and maintain the well-being with light.

enter The light has an important function for the club para solteros guayaquil mental and physical balance. It is an essential element for all living things: people, animals, plants. Some of the important functions it has on our body are:

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  • Production of vitamin D.
  • Tanning of the skin.
  • Change in mood.
  • Vision is possible only if there are sufficient levels of light, and it is better when the light is broad-spectrum.
  • Treatment of certain diseases such as psoriasis.
  • Daily cycles of light and dark.
  • Cyclical nature of the intensity and inclination of the sun's rays, define the time of the seasons.

go here These simple elements show that the light is very important for life in general: there is a minimum value below which they develop pathologies and a maximum one beyond which they develop others. The intermediate zone is a range of validity with acceptable levels and exposure times, in which man adapts to the environment. With an appropriate value we get the best living conditions, leading to the well-being of everyone.

http://winevault.ca/?perex=mercato-azionario-binary-options People live most of the time in indoor environments covering and thus significantly reducing the amount of natural light involving the need to intervene artificially. The closer we approach the quality and quantity of natural light, the better we reproduced the natural living conditions in the room.