Well being from LEDs and air quality

conocer el cuerpo del hombre Well-being is a natural and normal condition, but we perceive a better life just when we take advantage of light, humidity, temperature and pure air. Thus you feel  a healthy environment, so that it makes a difference in your living and make your mood to be up. It celebrates the joy of life. The indoor environment air quality is often compromised by normal living, by unsuitable materials, detergents, polluted air, sweat  and others. Light helps to purify  air through photocatalytic process.

conocer gente a traves de las redes sociales Photo catalysts are made by LEDs stimulating a process of oxidation-reduction of the organic and inorganic complex molecules, the air is decontaminated by the aforementioned particles bettering life in the interior.

pop over to this site Air quality is determined by: - ​​chemical composition, temperature, humidity, suspended particulates.

find here The  particulate in the air (TSP = total suspended particles) is the set of all non-gaseous material suspended in the air. The most dangerous particles are those that are smaller than 10 microns (PM10), because they are not filtered effectively from the breathing system and enter in the human body.

rencontre à elizabethtown streaming The fine particles have different origins:

http://thenovello.com/alfondie/elkos/3960 Non-organic: - external pollution, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, etc.

rencontres femmes a casablanca Biological: - Viruses, bacteria, spores, pollens, etc.

Viagra where can i buy in Pasadena California Both types of particles can cause allergies and illnesses. The non-organic particles can cause diseases such as asthma and cancer, while the bio-particles can cause diseases transmitted by air (eg. colds, flu, tuberculosis, ..).

site de rencontre celibataire serieux Air quality is an important and underestimated problem.

Source of Information sito:http://www.isprambiente.gov.it/contentfiles/00010300/10392-rapporto-117-2010.pdf/at_download/file

Many of these difficulties are resolved by  assuming to change the air in the interior as healthy habit. However outside air is not always healthy because of pollution or long periods without rain or global warming and others. H-Lamp contributes to improve the quality of indoor air with a sustainable environmental impact.