Tobacco Smoke

frases de sexo Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 substances whose combustion produces dangerous emissions into the air.

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places to hook up in rochester ny Many of these substances are toxic, irritating, carcinogenic. They are produced by smoking cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

detroit dating lines The immediate effects of exposure to secondhand smoke are irritation to the eyes and nose, headache, dryness in the throat, dizziness, sickness, coughing other breathing difficulties. They cause an increasing risk of ischemic, cardiovascular diseases and lung cancers. They responsible for childhood respiratory diseases: ear infections, asthma, bronchopneumonia. It is associated with significant reduction in the weight of babies and the sudden death of the newborn with serious consequences for the development of respiratory function of children.

rencontre femme pour mariage en france The photo catalytic process of H-Lamp allows the oxidation-reduction of the substances derived from airborne cigarette smoke.

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