Conclusions On Indoor Air Pollution

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frauen single wien 1) People of different ages spend approximately 75% of their time indoors (especially at home and at work).

informative post 2) The indoor air pollution  raises 3 different types of problems:

2.1) no serious but very common diseases (eg. colds and flu) with a high social cost - caused by biological contaminants.

2.2) Serious diseases (eg. Tumors, tuberculosis, pneumonia, ...) - caused by biological contaminants and not.

2.3) Allergies - caused by biological contaminants and not.

3) Urbanization and lifestyle (especially the power supply and the increasing number of hours spent indoors) make this problem more serious.

4) Allergies may also increase as a result of global warming and the consequent higher amount of pollen in the air. Nowadays Air pollution indoors is:

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